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West Palm Beach, FL


Having grown up in Indianapolis, Indiana and then moving to a rural southern area of that state about 30 years ago I have always loved the outdoors. Being raised by a photographer and painter, my dad, helped me absorb some of the information needed to understand how we see the world. Now, a change in my life has moved me to West Palm Beach Florida where in time I hope to be able explore the natural world in such a different environment.

Although I find beauty in many places my first love is the natural world and it's inhabitants. Being an animal lover and sharing much of my life with dogs, horses and exotic birds has made me want to capture them whenever I can. Living in the country over the years I have hand raised every thing from fawns to a day old raccoon that my dog brought me. Even had a beaver who was injured that brought himself to my front porch for over a period of a week for treatment of his wounds. There is something magical in being accepted by an animal that has every reason to fear people.

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Beautiful Bird by Diane Merkle


Sassy Blue and Gold Macaw by Diane Merkle


Fronds by Diane Merkle


Golden Pine Cone by Diane Merkle


Christmas Magic by Diane Merkle


Night Light by Diane Merkle


Native American Still Life by Diane Merkle


Kahakuloa Point- Island Dreaming II by Diane Merkle


Kahakuloa Point- Island Dreaming by Diane Merkle


West Palm Beach Sunrise by Diane Merkle


Golden Moment by Diane Merkle


Spring Blossoms by Diane Merkle


Queen Anne's Lace by Diane Merkle


The Queen by Diane Merkle


Ostrich Fern and Hosta by Diane Merkle


Bee Balm by Diane Merkle


Apple Blossom Time by Diane Merkle


Sunlit Hibiscus by Diane Merkle


Spreading Seeds by Diane Merkle


Gone South by Diane Merkle